dear christina,

when i became friends with you in march of 2010 (what?), i didn’t know how close we would be nearly two years later. you are honestly one of the funniest, most genuine, heartfelt, and passionate people i’ve ever had the pleasure of running into. i will always be there for you through thick and thin because you have done the same for me, and i’m happy to be able to call you my friend; there’s hardly anyone else who could even begin to compare to you. all sappiness aside, i hope you have an amazing day and i sent ryan kesler to your house naked but covered in whipped cream - there’s a surprise underneath (i think you already know what that is). happy birthday to one of the loveliest human beings alive, i love you so much!!

xoxo gretchen (and ryan kesler)

  1. brieanna said: you never wrote me some gay sappy happy 21st bday shit i’m appalled i hate you bye. ps happy birthday christina if you check the notes i’m happy that the canucks beat the sharks last week xoxoxo
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